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John Cena Fan Fiction

John Cena Fics ~ You Want Some, Come Get Some
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This comm is, as the name explains, a home and haven for fanfic for WWE Raw Superstar John Cena. All pairings are welcome, slash is welcome, all ratings are welcome, just no bashing of John Cena, and no flaming of other people, that's just not gonna fly. Membership is open, the people are friendly, and the mods don't bite. Well, not deliberately anyway. So jump on in, join the part of the Chain Gang that's just too creative to just stand back and idolize. :P

Just a few house rules to follow once you're part of this section of the CHAIN GANG, the one with the rabid minds, even more rabid fingers and way too much time on our hands:

> All ratings are welcome, from G (K) to NC-17 (M). But please do remember to leave warnings should your fic be rated higher than PG-13.

> All fics, no matter how long or short, go under lj-cuts. If you're new to LJ and don't know how to do that, do check out LiveJournal's FAQ thread for that, but it's relatively simple.

> Please don't forget to leave a link to cena_fics in your fic header formats. It's good promotion.

> In accordance with that, you don't necessarily have to post the fic here in the comm, you could do a fake LJ-cut from a post here to where the fic is really posted. You'll figure out how to do that if you don't already know how, but you can ask me if you like.

> Slash is okay, but some members will be averse to slash, so if your fic is slash, please don't forget to indicate in your POST SUBJECT and in your post as well. Although, I don't really know how many people will be brave enough to even attempt a slash fic with John Cena in it. :P

> NO BASHING OF JOHN CENA KTNXBAI. If you came here just to do that...Poof, vamoose, son of a...yeah, let's not.

> Also, NO BASHING OF ANY OTHER SUPERSTAR OR DIVA THAT MIGHT SHOW UP IN FICS. Well...you can show that you don't like the person in the fic you're writing, but don't bash them outright when you leave comments.

> Similarly, NO FLAMING OF MEMBERS OR AUTHORS KTNXBAI. Violators will be penalized accordingly. [/formal]

> Graphic posts (icons, wallpapers, manips) are okay, as long as the graphics pertain to a CENA FIC, especially if found within the comm.

Mod: lady_tavington (Y!M: leavesofdriveshaft)

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